Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Spanish/London Airways

The news that British Airways is considering becoming a Spanish company after its merger with Iberia and the UK government's statement that it would not stand its way may not have any ramifications for BA pensioners but many of the 47,000 would like some reassurance.

What protection does Spanish law give pensioners? Does the UK government's protection, limited though it is, extend to pensioners of a Spanish company? Can BA, under Spanish law, do with impunity what ABAP managed to stop it doing as a British company and manipulate the pension funds for its own benefit?

No-one expects the unelected Liaison Council to be awake to this situation - after all someone has to write to them raising the issue first and then they have to decide that it's important enough to pass on to BA, but why is ABAP, the only organisation dedicated to defending our pensions, not asking these questions?

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  1. Has anyone warned the Iberia staff/retirees that they will have their staff travel curtailed if BA takes over? I am sure they will impose the length of service restriction on IB staff, while still welcoming other airline retirees via the interline agreements!