Monday, 1 September 2008


BA-be-fair is a blog linked directly to the website of the same name:

The website is intended solely as a source of detailed information for people wishing to support the campaign organised by ABAP (Association of British Airways Pensioners) to urge British Airways to correct the unfairness in three specific aspects of its new Staff Travel scheme. It supplements and expands on the information contained in the campaign's mailed and e-mailed literature. Please read this and the detail in the website before commenting here.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a channel for anyone to comment on any aspect of the BA-be-fair campaign.

The blog is moderated. That means that your comments may not appear on the blog immediately. However, this is not censorship; the moderator has no powers to amend a comment, merely the decision whether to allow it to appear as it was written or not. Only comments which appear libellous or which, in the view of the moderator, make the commentator or the blog owner liable at law will be prevented from appearing.

There is no need to descend to such depths anyway. No matter how strongly you feel on an issue, you can express yourself forcefully and unequivocally without over-stepping the legal limits.

Finally please remember that comments to which you add your name will be read with more respect than anonymous comments. Having said that there will be people who, because of their circumstances (their employment for example) will feel unwilling to identify themselves. For that reason, the facility for commenting anonymously remains available.