Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some interesting figures

Part of the justification BA gave for introducing ST09 and penalising pensioners in favour of presently employees was that today's staff play a greater part in the success of the airline than pensioners did and therefore deserve greater rewards.

With that in mind, the results of a recent staff survey make interesting if worrying reading.

Although it doesn’t express them in ths way, this summary is drawn from the airline’s published figures. During 2008 the airline employed an average of just over 45,000 staff:

About 6,700 of the staff don’t understand how their work helps BA achieve its goals.

Almost 5,000 staff do not feel committed to helping BA achieve its goals.

9,000 staff, 2 out of every 10, derive no pride in working for the airline.

Over 16,000 BA staff are dissatisfied with their working conditions.

Nearly 14,000 employees think BA is not a great place to work.

Almost 15,000 would not speak highly of BA’s Customer service.

More than 13,000 BA staff would not be prepared to speak highly of BA’s products.

Perhaps most damning of all, over 23,000 staff - more than half those employed by the airline - feel they play no part in improving the way BA works.

Maybe they're just there for the Staff Travel.

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