Friday, 30 January 2009


Blog or Forum - what's the difference?

Perhaps the most important difference is that whilst new topics can be initiated by any forum member, blog subjects are created by the blog owner - or people he chooses to invite to create posts.

On the other hand, commenting on blog posts is much easier.

All posts and comments are moderated; not to limit discussion or opinion but to keep the owner out of court! Anything published on the Internet is subject to the same laws as publication in a newspaper on TV or radio or even stuck on a noticeboard. Moderation of the blog is not a matter of editing what is written; posts and comments will either be published or they won't appear at all.

Some blogs allow comments to be made anonymously, but on this blog you have to identify yourself. Like its members, ABAP is only concerned with two things, BA Pensions and BA pensioners' staff travel, both topics which deserve serious even scathing comments. But if you're not prepared to identify yourself when writing down your views, perhaps you should reconsider what you want to say.

Initially this is the only post. So that people can comment on the main topics with which ABAP is concerned, I've created two blank postings, any aspect of which can be commented on at once.

And please note, only comments which properly and clearly identify the writer will be published.

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